MyAGent is your gateway to on-line employee self-service for Alberta Public Service employees. It provides you with the ability to access and update your personal information over the Internet from your workstation or from home.

You can also update personal, employment or benefits information through MyAGent. The information updated will automatically update the Alberta Government HR and payroll system (IMAGIS HRMS), which is accessible only to individuals authorized for payroll, benefits and human resources management purposes.

Here are just a few things you can do in MyAGent:

  • Check that your personal information is accurate.

  • View your paycheque information several days before payday.

  • View the benefits you are currently enrolled in, what's available and when you can make changes.

  • Submit expense claims through EXCLAIM!

  • Sign up for training courses.

MyAGent Access

As a brand-new employee, you will need to meet with your payroll specialist first before being able to access MyAGent. Once you've been assigned an employee ID number by Payroll, you will have complete access to MyAGent. Click here to enter the MyAGent website!