2002 PAE (Silver)

Office of the Public Guardian
Alberta Human Resources and Employment

PAE 2002 - Team Photo

Alberta's Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) provides appropriate decision-making mechanisms for people who are unable to make personal decisions for themselves.  Recognized provincially, nationally and internationally for excellence in providing community-based, user-friendly service, the OPG is a model for jurisdictions around the world.

In 1999, the OPG restructured, moving from a centralized delivery system with one public guardian to a decentralized system delivered through five regional offices, five satellite offices, and a provincial coordinator's office.  What makes Alberta's OPG unique is that decision-making is based on quarterly face-to-face meetings with clients-- accomplished with only 62 staff members.  Staff is distributed throughout the regions and serves approximately 1,980 dependent adults as guardians, 7,695 dependent adults under private guardianship, and 60 mental health patients.  As well, the OPG oversees the implementation of the Personal Directives Act, which allows all Albertans to leave instructions or appoint an agent to make future decisions should they become incapacitated.

Improvement initiatives have enabled the OPG to serve clients even better by moving decision-making closer to the client and allowing for greater community involvement in the development of programs.  As a result, stakeholder satisfaction levels have increased.

Team Leaders: Colin Grant
Darrel Koller
Barb Martini
Elaine Saunders
Daniel Stavert
Jim Willoughby

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